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The text bellow is my answer today to somebody’s question “Can you recommend a tour operator?” on what I thought was Cairo forum, but actually tourned out to be Egypt forum, where I hadn’t contributed before. So I’m re-posting it here because besides actually answering the question (there could be many answers…), I wanted to share the outcome with people and experts on this forum, who helped me a lot in organizing my thoughts on Egypt from the very beginning; I want to show you what a wonderful trip I’ve had, and hopely help some future travellers make their decisions about Egypt too. So, here goes (I will try adding more things/impressions later too) :

Nile Holiday is perfect for you. See my review of their excellent pre-tour customer service (imagine how amazing it must have been for one to write a glowing review before even taking the trip!) and now, after the trip I can only add more praises. They organized for me and my son (19) a customized, completely tailor made private tour, and we had a royal treatment from the minute we landed in Cairo to the moment we waved our private limo driver good bye on Hurghada airport. Not only did we have a private guide with university degree + car&driver for just the two of us all the way, but special care was given to every little detail along the way. Every restaurant was carefully chosen, to have excellent food and amazing views (the Sphynx, Luxor temple… all meals were included in our package, by the way…), they made sure our room in Luxor had Nile view for no extra cost, our room on the cruise was not randomly assigned, but carefully chosen to be on the uppermost floor, away from the engine and just a few feet away from the access to the top deck with swimming pool. And the ship they chose for us was also no coincidence, just because it happened to be the one sailing that day – no, when I started reading TA reviews of the boats on Nile river, I realized that this particular boat had consistent praises, for the service and especially for amazing food, which is of utmost importance for any western traveller to Egypt (just think what an upset stomach can do to your holiday). So all this, and many other things were taken into consideration by Nile Holiday without me even asking, and we could just relax and enjoy our VIP royal tour, without a single worry on our minds… //not to mention all the (many!) things that I did ask for, and that were all executed in the best possible way (for example, numerous rearrangements of the possible itinerary to find what suited me most) //… And how is this for a considerate tour operator : I mentioned in my emails my interest in Coptic culture (I asked a few questions thereabout on this forum as well…), and what do you know, Khaled, the owner of Nile Holiday assigned me a Christian guide for the whole duration of our trip ! All in all, I couldn’t have imagined a better tour than what I got with Nile Holiday, and all that without breaking the bank. On the contrary, I was paying considerably less than any of the passangers I talked to and made friends with on the cruise – and then, when we would leave the boat in the morning to go sightseeing, they would group around their guide, and my son and I would have ours just for ourselves. Imagine that feeling. If you are interested, PM me and I’ll give you more details, and if anyone in the future, after reading this, decides to contact Nile Holiday, please make sure to mention to Khaled that Nile Holiday was recommended to you by his Croatian clients of September 2017. He will know, there are not many Croatians sailing the Nile these days. I would like him to know how appreciative we are, and what a good job he is doing in our opinion. Thanks!

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