Visa and travel money advice

Hi. I will be travelling to Hurghada with 6 other family members and i’m wondering on the procedure at the airport. Reading a variety of reviews it sounds like getting a visa at the airport on arrival is fairly easy but I do like the idea of the new evisa, however trying to locate the website was fairly tricky and there were mainly expensive visa service websites which had priority on the google search so when i found the site website i was a little sceptical but for the 7 of us they wanted $175 so works out right. However, at the end of the process it did say each adult has to apply separately but at the beginning there was the family option, so i have not finished the application. I may just decide to do it at the airport. Do they just accept dollars and do they give change, i have also heard they want 2 passport sized photos…is that true.

Secondly there doesnt seem to be anywhere in the UK that does Egyptian currency. so i’m guessing i will have to get it in Hurghada. Whats the best option for this (Hurghada airport, in resort, hotel), and the exchange rate at the moment, i like to get some small denominations for tips ???

Any advice from recent/regular travellers would be greatly appreciated

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