Traveling with 12 year old for a week

I’m taking my 12 year old to Egypt 6 full days. I plan to fly into Cairo (1&2) for 2 days and a night, then I’d like to take him to Luxor, Aswan, and/or Abu Simbel. I’ve been told that Abu Simbel is a full day trip. How much time should we spend in Luxor and/or Aswan? Can we enjoy Aswan in a day? Luxor in a day? I’m thinking maybe we can fly from Cairo early on day 3 to Aswan, spend a day in Aswan, on the following day, do a day trip to Abu Simbel (day4). Then fly from Aswan to Luxor early day 5 and spend the day and night in Luxor until day 6? Am I trying to do too much? Should I consider cruising to minimize costs? I know it’s a lot in 6 days but I want us to visit as much as possible, especially because he’s fascinated with ancient Egyptian history.

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