They’re back!!

My son and nephew are back. They LOVED South Africa. I can’t wait to talk to them more and give you a little feedback. They ended up staying at Mutual Heights. I was concerned, as you know, but they were happy there and they felt it was safe and central to everything. It was through AirBNB and very affordable.

They went swimming with the sharks, on a safari, and a wine tasting tour. They had interesting stops like seeing Nelson Mandela’s jail cell. They did some sight seeing and said the food and bars were affordable. They had all good things to say about the people.

They flew out of Chicago economy and were comfortable. Sometimes those economy seats are hard on tall people. They used Mobile Passport returning and apparently it worked well for them.

My son used AT&T’s Global $10/day. I think it is a good deal considering that we are all pretty dependent on our phones and he needed it for Uber among other things.

Talk: $0.35 per min.

Send texts: Unlimited

Get texts: Same plan you use at home.

Data: 3GB, $50 per GB if you go over.

Connect to AT&T Global Wi-Fi hotspots for free

It surprised him how affluent cape town is. He saw BMW’s, Ferrari’s, etc. He mentioned that outside of Cape Town there is a lot of poverty. I don’t know what I expected knowing very little about South Africa.

I want to thank you for helping me stay calm. Some of the first posts I read here alarmed me. What a way to celebrate college education. The experiences our Millennial’s enjoy were unheard of when I was in my 20’s.

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