The city of Luxor really disapoints

The air quality is much better than in Cairo for sure.

However, the city as a major tourist attraction is a big disappointment. Very poorly developed, like a dust bin. A lot of residential buildings are unfinished with people living in lower floors and an unfinished open top. Very little in the city except for the Egyptian ruins is impressive. There is no decent modern supermarket in the entire city.

Added to these are the ever present tenacious hasslers, just like the Luxor flies that don’t fly away when you simply shake your head, though there are more hasslers than flies. They keep asking you whether you want this or that and never seem to take no for an answer.

In the world famous sites, many appearing as staff would wave at you to come over and then show you some small locked chambers (which are often nice) then demand that you give money to them. In photo-forbidden areas, guards would encourage you to take photos and then demand money. There are toilet guards who demand you pay money before using, but as you start to walk away they then allow you to enter but then demand money again when you finish.

Taxis don’t have meters. For a 3km ride (costing 10 pounds in Cairo) they quote you 50 pounds. As you walk away, they then keep asking you how much you want to pay. For a 3-pound-per-kilo vegetable, the seller would ask for 20, and when you walk away, the same drama begin.

Merchants all try to take more money from you than the agreed amount. Whenever change is needed, they try to give you less back.

Quite often kids on streets greet you with: “hello money”, or “hello one dollar”. One day I heard a kid say “morning”, but as I was just responding, I heard his repeat, it was “money” not “morning”.

They are ruining visitors’ experiences, and unknowingly also their entire commerce.

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