The best laid plans………

I haven’t been able to post this sooner, for reasons that will become apparent!

My three companions and I left Manchester Airport bound for Cairo via Munich. We we’re flying with Lufthansa, but the second leg was operated by Egyptair. We were then getting a flight down to Luxor.

The flights were great except for a one hour delay leaving Munich. The planes were comfortable and the food was good. It was when we arrived at Cairo that things went pear shaped!

They would not let us deplane for nearly half an hour. After that there was the visa, then the baggage, then customs, then domestic departures security, before checking in again. We missed the flight. We then had to spend a very anxious hour while Egyptair decided what to do with us. They eventually put us on the last flight, so we arrived at Luxor at midnight.

I was relieved to see the Winter Palace Pavillon. We were staying for four nights so that they could chill out first and see the East Bank. Unfortunately, the hotel decided to give us awful smoking rooms, even insisting the next day that I had specifically requested them! We are all non smokers, so I was not impressed. We moved rooms and they were far better.

I bumped into eLaReF at breakfast and he recommended a restaurant for that evening, the Sunflower on the W Bank. The others had a lazy day whilst I went out to a dig site near Karnak, getting back in time for lunch. Then we went to sort out our boat trip back from Aswan next week.

In the evening we went over to the Sunflower and it was lovely. The food was very good and sizzling in the dishes. We really enjoyed our first evening and went to bed looking forward to Karnak the next day.

Unfortunately, two of us came down with food poisoning during the night. It was awful and I thought I was going to die! One of us is a GP and he pinned it down to the salad at lunch. We were totally out of it for one day and then another of us succumbed. We were all very fragile for the following days. I managed to get them to Karnak before we had to move over to our West Bank hotel. By Friday we felt we could start on our itinerary without any problems and we managed to fit everything in as I had planned for the West Bank. We were lucky to get a guided tour of Deir el Medina due to a contact I have.

Our stay at the New Memnon hotel was excellent and the owner, Sayed, could not have been more concerned about us had we been family. We had no problems with the food and the place is an oasis of peace and calm, just what we all needed. We were sad to leave this morning and have been invited back for lunch when we return to Luxor next week.

Today we got the train from Luxor down to Aswan. I certainly feel that this is the most comfortable and quick way to make the journey. The tickets cost 100LE each and when we arrived it was 50LE for a taxi to the Old Cataract Hotel.

When we arrived our rooms were upgraded, which was a treat for the others, as they have never been here before. We spent the afternoon eating lunch by the pool and making booking for the spa tomorrow.

I’m currently writing this on my balcony overlooking the Nile where the feluccas are sailing slowly past – utter bliss!

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