Snakes on Koh Chang

What snakes have you seen and where?

I really want to see a python or some cobras. I saw a monocled cobra in the jungle in the Klong Son area about a year ago but none since. Never seen a python here but plenty of people have.

Also seen green vipers, mock vipers, black indochinese rat snakes, red tailed racers, green whip snakes, white whip snakes, two types of banded kraits and a kukri snake.

and a couple of other types but I’ve only seen them as roadkill.

anybody else seen any others? any tips on where to look, what times of day/night etc? I’ve seen almost all the snakes above next to rivers, never seen any at high elevation where there isn’t any water, I think they’re lazy to go that high where there isn’t much prey.

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