Reviews of G Adventures Phuket to Phuket Sailing Tour?

Has anyone done the G Adventures 7 day sailing trip from Phuket to Phuket recently (or part of it)? What were your experiences like?

My ideal of a sailing trip like this is that we sun bake on the deck every day, jump off the boat into the water, snorkel in crystal clear waters with lots of fish to see, maybe do a trek on an island one or two of the days to get amazing views of the coastline and see wildlife, eat yummy fresh Thai food, and go out and at night hit the town for the local night life. Is this too much to expect?

Some worries I have that this dream won’t be realised are:

– too crowded for the time of year I’m planning on going (early January)

– dirty/ polluted water off the West Coast of Phuket

– bad weather – rainy, cloudy and windy

– not interested in seeing anything too touristy or things made famous by movies or books etc like The Beach or James Bond so afraid I won’t enjoy these bits of the itinerary

Any insight from personal experience would be greatly appreciated!

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