Question about Satara camp gate closure.

Hi All,

I had wonderfully helpful discussion on this forum earlier about my KNP trip. We are getting close to our trip now, will be there on April 1st. During previous thread it was mentioned that we may not have enough time to drive from Skukuza airport to Satara camp that first day as gates close at camp at 6 pm. We arrive at Skukuza airport at 2:10 pm, have to collect our luggage, rent a car and then get on the road, not sure how big airport Skukuza is and how long will it take to get on the road.

I am getting a bit concerned about if we dont get there in time, especially in event of flight delays. My questions is:

What happens if we arrive at Satara camp after gate closure, say around 6:30 pm, will they let us and check us in as well with a fine? if so how much fine? Should I contact them in advance of this possibility? I am guessing they won’t leave us outside the camp to see in our car for the night?

Dont have much options currently, looked at Skukuza camp to see if I can get the first night booked there as well, so if there is flight delay etc, can just stay there, however that is fully booked, any other options/ suggestions about this situation?

Second question is easy, we are staying at Satara and Lower Sabie camp, wanted to ask if they have Wifi at these camps or no internet?

Thanks all.

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