Please help us plan wine/dinner in Franschhoek

My husband and I are spending 3 nights (2 full days) in Franschhoek from April 17th – April 20th from the Klaserie preserve. We are VERY excited. 🙂 We’re staying at The Last Word in Frannschoek and are trying to figure out a game plan for the time we are there.

We both enjoy wineries very much and are champagne aficionados. So we are very much looking forward to trying the MCC sparklings. From perusing these forums, it seems like La Motte, Moreson, Borschendal, and Le Lude seem to be the big ones. We also enjoy really reds.

We are also looking for restaurant recommendations in Franschhoek. So far, we have booked Foliage for the first night. We wanted to do Le Petite Colombe but it looks like it is booked! So here are my questions:

1. We have 2 days and we’d like to hit 4 wineries a day (too much?). We’re thinking one day Franschhoek and then perhaps Stellenbosch the next day? Or should we plan to stay in Franschhoek?

2. The wine important to us but we’d love it if we could combine it with a place that has a great natural scenery – it’s our first time in SA after all! Wineries outside of Franschhoek on day 2 –

perhaps with a car and driver suggestions would be welcome. Tokara was recommended to us.

The Last Word suggested Dieu Donne, Grande Provence, and Anthonij Rupert.

3. If we are planning on staying near Franschhoek (the sparklings I mentioned seem close to town) – would an Uber be feasible to go between wineries? Or a Taxi? Seems a waste to hire a car to travel 15 minutes here or there but if its easier, we’re happy to do it. We want to avoid the wine tram.

4. We are booked at Foliage for the first day but the Last Word has suggested Allora and Ryan’s Kitchen for dinner. They booked La Petite Colombe for lunch one of the days but I’m wondering if that might be too much in the middle of wine tastings. As you all have been to the town, I’m wondering if you have alternate suggestions or think these are good choices? We do enjoy a good meal! We have 3 dinners to plan.

Thanks so much for reading and for any assistance!!

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