Electronics in cabin


Just wondering the rules in regards to electrical items in cabin (flying back towards Manchester from Hurghada) do they allow mobiles inside the cabin or do they need to be in our gold luggage?

Will they be confiscated by customs staff if they’re not in our hold luggage?

Thank you

Travelling around SE Asia advice Please.

Hi, I am a first time traveller and plan on travelling 5-6 months in south East Asia from Jan – June please suggest better months if these are not so correct.such as would Nov-May be better?Depending on each season of each country.

I plan on visiting ThailandCambodiaLaosVietnamPhilippines– Indonesia-

I am just not sure what would be the cheapest or best route and methods such as what transport would be logical to use to what next destination.My Partner and I will have £7000 each this includes flights, transportation, hostels with private rooms not shared dorms, Street food and drink and activities, visas and travel insurance.Is this enough Please, And also the best places in these countries/Islands to go for better experience as we like a mixture of thrill seeking activities,Wildlife, Chilling, partying, Cultural and definitely foodies.Many Thanks.

Impossible itinerary in RSA- need advice.

We are planning a revisit to where we lived in RSA 2002-2004, just a speck of dust in Northern Cape close to the Botswana boarder. Important to visit here to show the kids where they lived when much smaller, now nearly adults. We’ll only stay two nights, ridiculous long way to go for this but youngest can’t remember living there so it’s a must. But for the rest of our visit we’d like to see the southern and eastern parts of the country since we never got round to do that before. Ideal would be to see the Cape Winelands, the Garden route and up the east coast, Drakensberg and back to Jo’burg for return journey home. All in 3-4 weeks including the visit to our old house near Van Zylsrus. We plan on renting a 4×4 but the distances makes me wonder if perhaps we should edit the itinerary quite heavily.

I’d like your input on:

*Perhaps fly from Upington to CT to save time? Or fly from Jo’burg to Upington to avoid not so interesting stretch of road? Budget does not allow for both options.

*Recommended game park to visit? Four of us have seen plenty of African wild life (and would naturally love to see more) but one of our party has never been to Africa before so it’s imperative that we visit a game park for his sake. Prefer a self drive game park.

*We are nature buffs but not adrenaline junkies; any other interesting places to visit apart from game parks in these areas? Perhaps a hiking trail? Beautiful scenery?

*Also interested in culture but not the “fake” kind that is sometimes put on show for tourists. Hidden gems?

*If you would cut something out, what would it be (except for our old house in NC)?

Our party is made up of me and my husband, our kids in their late teens/early twenties and our daugther’s boyfriend. We prefer to drive long distances and stay maybe two nights or more at one place and instead make daytrips.

Looking forward to your input!

How much money to take?

Hi there,

We’re travelling to South Africa for the first time for our honeymoon in April and are doing a tour for 13 days. 5 of those days we have all inclusive meals and drinks but the other 8 days we have just breakfast included. We’re spending time in Kruger National Park, Cape Town and Franschhoek.

I know this is a hard question and relative to each person travelling but I was hoping to get a rough guide on how much money we should allow per day or how easy it is to get by on a budget.

Any suggestions are very welcome!

Thank you!