Lodging at Khao Sok ——> lake question

I can’t figure out how to reserve our hotel at/in Khao Sok. I want to arrive one day, spend two nights, then go for one night on the lake. In the hotel reviews I see a lot of people write about how the lake night was organized by their hotel as if it was an extension (not physically) of the hotel. So, are lake stays part of the hotels in some way? Either way, do I book two nights at the hotel only, and then upon checkout go to the lake for the night, or is it somehow a three night reservation? Sorry, but I’m not getting how to do this. I, right now, just need to know how many nights I’m reserving at the hotel – which, by the way, is Art’s Riverview Lodge.

Oh, and as long as we’re talking… 😉 If I just book the two nights at the hotel, do I “shop” for the lake situation we want now, from home, or wait and have our hotel arrange it, or something else?

Thank you.

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