How to fill out Thai Arrival Card

I am going to Thailand in June and found this: https:/…

However, I’d like to ask questions based on my own situation. To begin with, I am in my mid 20s and from the United States but currently living in Mongolia for a year as a visiting professor meaning that I have a US passport with a Mongolian visa and resident card.

*Traveling on group tour: I am going to arrive solo, traveling to Bangkok independently, then going to Ko Samui and joining a group tour before independently traveling to Phuket before leaving Thailand. In this case, I would check “Yes”, right?

*Accommodation, my accommodation in Bangkok and Phuket would be in a youth hostel but in Ko Samui, I’d likely be in a hotel. Should I check both hotel and youth hostel?

*My yearly income: Would it be just my own income or my household income? If just my own income, my income is relatively lower for a professor in Mongolia and my parents will put money in my American bank account as needed, as an allowance. Can I include my allowance as my income or just income from working?

*Country of residence: Should it be my hometown in United States or my current city in Mongolia? I arrived Mongolia in February and will depart for the US in December

*From/Point of Embarkation: I guess it would be where my Bangkok-bound flight originated from? My flight itinerary will originate in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and have a layover in Seoul-Incheon International Airport. I guess write Seoul?

*Next City/Point of Disembarkation: Do I write Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi?

*Address in Thailand: I know it can be the name of the accommodation but I will have multiple and there’s clearly not enough room to write more than one. What should I write?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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