Honeymoon potential

Hi all,

Looking for some general advice – I’m quite early into researching SA as our honeymoon destination. This wouldn’t be till Feb 2019 – I believe February is regarding as one of the best months to visit?

We are based in the UK and my very very vague plan would be to fly to J’burg, spend maybe 3 nights there? Then hire a car and head to Kruger, maybe 2, maybe 3 nights? Drive back to J’Burg to drop the car and then fly to Cape Town for maybe 5 nights? Then hopefully fly back to the UK from Cape Town?

I’ve heard Hermanus is beautiful – I don’t think it’s far from Cape Town but not sure what public transport etc is like around SA?

Just wondering what that itinerary sounds like to people? Happy to spend upto 2 weeks! Any general advice on travelling within the country, whether car hire and driving to Kruger is safe, and good accommodation recommendations? Also looked at the Kruger info; on the recommended website I can’t see much ‘luxury’ accommodation (but have seen websites offering ‘honeymoon safari’ (but probably at eyewatering prices)

What are prices like in SA for food and drink etc?


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