Help me squeeze in as many animals as possible?


I’ll be travelling to Cape Town solo in July. My main purpose for visiting is to see the wildlife, I’m an animal nut! What I’d love to see is:

1. My biggest love – elephants; and so I’m wanting to visit Addo.

2. Giraffes & Zebras + as many as the big 5 as possible. I understand there are no giraffes at Addo, though.

3. Penguins at Boulders Beach.

4. Whales, dolphins and maybe even seals. I understand these may be viewed at Plettenberg or Hermanus?

Here’s my big problem: I don’t drive so am looking to join various tours/day trips. No tour that il aware of combines these elements and some tours that include one or two often involve trips to ostrich farms or a sanctuary where cats can be petted – that doesn’t appeal to me at all.

I would really appreciate some suggested itineraries that would allow me to fit in all of the above, or as much as possible.

Or if anyone knows of any tours that combine some/all, that’d be great too.

In return, I offer you good vibes.

P.s I can’t seem to change my username but never mind.

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