Guide books and maps for Luxor sights

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to be going to Egypt in a few weeks. I’d love to know more about what I’m seeing as I’m seeing it, and I’m skeptical about guides based on some past experiences.

I was wondering if there is a recommended guide book or illustrated map that I can use when walking around places like Karnak and Luxor temples or the Valley of the Kings? I don’t want to just look around superficially.

I suppose I could read up on the internet but I also don’t want to get jaded (if that’s the right word) to the sights and be less impressed/interested on the day. Ideally it would be something that guides me around the sights going “here’s a picture of what you’re seeing in real life, and here are some fun facts about it”.

Or, if there are handy English signs/plaques with info on them that I can read instead, then knowing that in advance too would be great.

Thanks so much! David.

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