Great value and service: Around About Cars

We are just home following a trip to South Africa. Before we left, we’d read MANY horror stories posted on TripAdvisor from travellers who had rented cars in SA and Namibia. So we were prepared with all the questions to ask when making our car rental reservations in Cape Town. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is to ensure that you understand EXACTLY the terms and conditions of the contract you are signing. We have rented cars all over the world but SA and Namibia operate much differently and the potential to experience problems is huge if you do not understand where the potential pitfalls lie. So, first, educate yourself. Read what other TripAdvisor members have written and heed their advice. We were fortunate to discover Around About Cars from the folks who ran The Fritz Hotel in Cape Town where we were staying (great little budget hotel, btw). Around About Cars is located within easy walking distance of The Fritz (on Bloem St. which is off Long St.). We dealt with two outstanding, friendly and helpful staff members at Around About — Stix and Rose — who guided us through each stage of the process and advised us as to the best insurance for our particular needs without trying to upsell us and to make certain we understood what we were buying. Be aware that buying a comprehensive package does not automatically cover everything that might possibly happen. In SA (but not Namibia), Around About Cars partners with Bryte Insurance, which in our case, was deemed worth it given the type of travel we would doing. Be aware that the name brand North American and international companies are operated by local agents so they are only as good as that agent. Know up front that tourists get routinely hosed. Many vehicles are not well maintained; the last thing you want is to have your car break down, which is not just a hassle but exposes you to all sorts of other potential danger. Do not underestimate the perils of renting a car in SA and Namibia…forewarned is forearmed!

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