Garden Route in December – route selection questions

Ladies and gentleman, could you help me to design a the most optimal way for Garden Route?

The trip supposed to take place in the second half of December – starting point at either Port Elizabeth or George, with termination at Cape Town. Here are the questions I have:

1. Where would you start – at George or Port Elizabeth?

2. What would be points of interests/sights you’d have as ‘must have/nice to have’ alongside the route?

3. What are minimum number of days you’d include for the trip?

Interests – nature/scenery/hiking. Don’t mind driving several hours if scenery is really good but constant driving daily would not be the best option.

Some more additional information – while I and my wife have been in South Africa/Cape Town already in past for a couple of weeks, this time we are planning to come with couple of family members who have not yet been in SA and neither us have been on Garden Route either.

Unfortunately we do not have much time to spend – whole our time is 16 days in the country. We are flying back on Jan 1st from Cape Town and planning staying 2-3 days in the city before departure. First half of our trip is taken by Kruger, so we can start the trip (either from Port Elizabeth or George) from dec 20th or 21st.

Thank you

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