Do I even need a tour guide?


I will be traveling to Egypt for the first time with my two other friends, we are all 20 year old women and I’m wondering if I even need a guide for many of the sites in Egypt? We’re planning on spending about 9 days and most of the tours seem to be quite pricey, about $70/person which adds up to an extra $70 a day. I would ideally like to hit all of the best temples and sites such as:


Cairo (Bazaar, Pyramids, Cairo Museum, etc)



Kom Obmbo

Abu Simbel

Valley if the Kings (and Queens)

Temple of Hatshepsut

And so on

Are there any sites which we should absolutely get a guide at or would a good guide book be ok? If not, I’d rather hire a taxi for the day (and do you have any tips on hiring a taxi? We don’t want to get scammed!)


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