Disappointed that street food is vanishing compared to befor

Staying a few weeks in Thailand, and planned to spend the majority of my time in what was once my favourite city. Loved the street feel vibe of the city.

But all local street food in the main areas have been cleared up, even the nighttime street food has all been cleared up. I used to love the area between Sukhumvit soi 1 to the Asok intersection – at night you had street food everywhere, even at 3am in the morning.

Now it’s all gone, and quite frankly the place is boring now.

Even in Siam, Silom, other areas of Sukhuvmit all street food has vanished – it’s about 10% of what it once. Even with improvisation it really sucks.

Last thing i want to do is come from the cold UK, and sit in a mall to eat food. I love the outside vibrancy of great street food. Some places were stunning.

Singaporization of Bangkok is not good. Bangkok was a vibrant city, but the exact thing that gave it it’s uniqueness and character has all but gone.

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