Cycling for the serious in EG?

It’s taken me almost a year to post this! Just remembered i needed to find on now that i’m gearing up for this years visit.

Whilst staying last year i noticed a dutch guy every morning heading off in full “mamil” uniform – complete with proper cleated cycle shoes. I never once saw him on a cycle, and didnt get to speak to him – so can only assume that was what the gear was for & that it wasnt just a weird fetish.

So – given that i cant believe you’d fly your own cycle out to Egypt – can you actually hire a “proper” cycle anywhere in EG? proper = road cycles with cleated pedals ect in good condition & not one of the dusty old MTB’s i see every year outside the Downtown rental place?

I’m a keen cyclist so – anyone know?

(ps – Surely: a) the roads just are’nt good enough for a decent road bike, and b) the other road users are considerate enough to seriously consider this?)


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