Addo: Where to camp in tent/rooftop tents

Hi everyone!

Planning a trip in May 2018, but I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out which accomodation sites inside Addo park allow for camping in your own tents? 4 adults in 2 roof top tents (1 4×4 hilux) and a ground tent. Probably prefer to be away from the main area.

Any information and suggestions welcome.


Our trip: Dec. 26, 2017–Jan. 20, 2018. Days 22-25

This is our last day in Aswan. We are glad we chose the hotel car ($30) instead of a (possibly cheaper) taxi: the hotel sends a man with you, he fends off the porters, pushes your trolleys, checks you in and walks you right up to the second security check–very nice, I must say. Even though we are flying business class the suitcases take 1h45 mns to arrive (watch out if you have a connecting flight!). Horrendous traffic jam to reach the Novotel in central Cairo. We are given room 7001–to be avoided, we’ll have to change the following day because of the horrible smell coming from the bathroom–6001 will be marginally better. We spend the whole afternoon at the Egyptian museum enthralled by so much beauty (though I still put Old Kingdom statuary above everything else I realize I have been underestimating and overlooking the artistic importance of the Amarna revolution and art). Somewhat exhausted we have a late tea with El Abd pastries and an early bed because we are going to the Pyramids on the following day ($50).

The trip to the Pyramid goes on for ever because of the heavy traffic and because our driver–against our very strict instructions–takes us to a “guide”–a papyrus shop in actual fact. The ghastly creature who tries to lure us into the shop is met with a locked car door and a very irate couple. The detour allows us to discover how horrible are the new buildings in Ghize–unfinished, dusty, dirty, dark structures thrown haphazardly together and gradually encircling the pyramids–a vision of hell. The pyramid area is very crowded, chaotic, with thousands of plastic bags blown about by the fierce wind–how very sad. We walk around a bit with a very heavy heart because of this wanton destruction but find solace inside the Khufu bark building. Just looking at this immensely moving relic dating back to around 2566 BC is enough to forget the stupidity of our times. Back at the hotel, after a very frank discussion (to use diplomatic language) with the tour company we book a visit of Islamic Cairo for our last day at a reduced price.

We do not wish to see the Citadel again (the Mehemet Ali is not even worth a peep) but we visit Sultan Hassan again and after the proper donation for the mosque a very kind, very sweet cleric opens a number of doors which had remained closed to us on our last visit–this contemporary of the later cathedrals (XIVth C) has the same “élan mystique” as Chartres or Amiens and it is just as full of the Presence. We then go to the Ibn Tulun mosque (IXth C) which is very different but also gorgeous. Once again the proper donation opens doors and we spend so much time there that we only have time for one mosque more (Amr Ibn el As) which is the earliest mosque in Cairo but heavily restored. We were alone in Ibn Tulun but now we are in the middle of a crowd of men and women, young and old. Just marvellous–no aggressivity towards us, very noticeable Westerners, smiles and hellos from everybody–quite the perfect finish to our perfect trip in this the loveliest of countries.

Our flight on the morrow is at 7:15 A.M. which means leaving the hotel at 4:30 A.M.. Very little traffic but quite a traffic jam at the security gate to the airport so plan carefully. Three successive security checks so once again plan carefully. Back to France on a dark, cold, miserable day remembering the clear skies and smiling faces of Egypt.

Thank you all of you who read this account and wrote such nice things about it. I only hope it will be of some use to some of you. We shall go back next year but will avoid Cairo which we find overwhelming (but not in a good way). Cheers and thanks. FW

Staying at Bura Resort – Taxi availablity


We are staying at Bura Resort just outside of Chiang Rai (approx 20-25mins away from city centre) from what i gather not too far from Pong Phrabat hot springs. My question is can anyone advise what the approximate taxi price should be from the main town centre back to the resort should we come in for dinner and have a few drinks afterward? The resort has offered transport into town but we will need to find our own way back.

We are also looking at wandering around during the day to look at a few city centre temples and having a look at the night market….. What should we expect to pay for these short little trips if we are hot and tired and just want a quick taxi ride to get between A and B? All our big trips are organised with Jermsak so quite unsure for the little trips what the cost should be.

Many thanks

Logistics? Rovos Rail Pretoria to Gautrain to Jo’Burg, etc.

We are arriving in Pretoria on Rovos Rail on a Wednesday. The next day we plan to take the train to Cape Town. That would be the Shosholoza Meyl premier class train since this runs on Thursdays and should be a more interesting experience than flying.

1. I know the Rovos Rail station is at Capital Park in Pretoria. If we decide to go to Johannesburg right away do we take a taxi to the Gautrain station? Would this be the Pretoria Station on Scheiding St?

2. Which station would we go to in Johannesburg to be closest to the train station for the train to Cape Town?

3. We will likely have part of two days and the one night in Johannesburg. Where would be a good area to stay? We will likely take the Ho – Ho tour if we can fit it in. Would there be another station on the Gautrain which would be better for this?

Thanks for any help you can give.