car rental Thrifty

We hired a car with Thrifty in april, we never hired a car with them and we never will do that again! We booked a 4×4 because we needed it for the parks we wanted to do. We travelled in Limpopo. They gave us a 4×2 because they did not had a 4×4! They promised to change it but we did not hear from them…. After 2 days and after a lot of phonecalls and emails they changed it in a 4×4. So ok, we lost some time of our vacation by calling and emailing to Thrifty but we had a 4×4 now. When we were back home we saw that they took a lot of money from our account! We asked why they did this and they say it was for fuel and e-toll. We never drove on highways where you have to pay e-toll! And we brought the car back with a full tank! We had to block our account and open a new one. So we had a lot of problems on our vacation and after our vacation! And they never gave the money back….

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