car hire Joberg-Kruger ???

Is it possible/economically viable to hire a car at JoBerg but leave it at a Kruger aiport?? Are there huge fees for different drop off point? any ideas best company to try?

Or is is just easier to drive JoBerg/Kruger/JoBerg. Doesnt look that far, Im guessing about 5-6 hours each way???

what im trying to do is 11 days JoB, Pnorama route, Hazyview, Vuyani Lodge, Lake Fundudzi, then fly to MOZ for a MAPUTO extension.

Would it be best take the car back to JopB and fly to Maputo from there??

Sounds like taking a hire car over the border and driving Krug to Maputo is too difficult – plus, of course, a long drive back.

Advice appreciated!!!!

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