Beginnig of May – Better Crocodile Bridge or Skukuza?

Hallo to everyone.

Our Trip to SA is getting closer, and lots of doubts starts to bumping in my head.

We are a small group of 7 people, 4 adults and three child. We have already booked for two nights in Crocodile Bridge (after Satara Camp).

Some friends started to say that Crocodile is the worst camp in kruger beacause has an awful view of the farms outside the bridge… and that has not a restaurant/market could be a problem…

On the contrary, i read that it is a very small/calm camp with good rangers (we are planning to make some excursions in the evening) and very good game viewing (expecially leopard).

I am very doubtful.

We could move to Skukuza instead. That has reastaurants, markets and is really bigger.

What is your suggestion?

There are places near to Crocodile where to buy some food or it could be a problem?

Do they organize some “group” braai?

Thanks in advance,


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