Anyone interested in joining a private tour of the lake?

Date: February 23, 2018 to 24

Hi, I’m trying to get a private tour to the lake so we can check out more spots on our own time. I’ve seen some public pics with very full boats that do not look like fun. Tour info is below. I’m hoping we can get the price down if we have more people.

We would be looking for male/female in the 20-40 range. No families please (wouldn’t be a good fit). We are three early 30s guys. Tour guide included as well.

private 2 day 1 night. sleeping at bamboo room (join toilet)

On 23 Feb Appointment you at my office 9.00 am. meeting your guide Or appointment at the pier (lake) 10.00 am.

– Drop at the Local market 15 minute for shopping (the local market close to the lake)

– Catch the private Long tial boat deep inside at the floating house at the bamboo room 2 room

– check-in and have a Lunch set (tradition thai food, water, fruit)

– relaxing, swimming, kayaking

– make hiking to seeing the Viewpoint Or nature trail (depend on the weather)

– Evening safaris back to the rafthouse

– Tradition thai food, in the Dinner

On 24 Feb Morning safaris by long tail boat

– have a breakfast

– relaxing, swimming, kayaking

– have a Lunch time

– after Lunch bring you back to the pier not late 1 pm.

This package the price 5,600 baht per person (private 3 persons)

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