A week in Kruger – North only??

A very subjective question, I know.

This will be my fifth trip to Kruger, and I am wondering whether it makes sense to dedicate it to the nothern part of the park (e.g., no more south than Olifants). In the previous trips, one week each, I either stayed in the south-center, or made a full north-to-south traverse. I really loved the north and, contrary to the common opinion, for me it was also very rich in sightings. Perhaps I was just lucky. All the itineraries I saw had at least several days in the south. Perhaps people regard the south as a kind of “insurance policy” to justify the trip, in case the north happens to be weak in sightings? Would you risk it and spend an entire week in the north? Also, if you were to risk it, what time of year would you choose for this region?

Edited: 9:08 am, January 23, 2018

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