As of last May I am officially a college graduate. I’ve been
trying to find a job and have signed up with a couple Temp
agencies. A few placements, nothing permanent or even
remotely close to what I want to pursue. But these jobs plus
some very generous graduation gifts have put several thousand
dollars in my bank account.

So the Family, knowing I had to skip studying abroad for
suckish various reasons, told me to go on a long vacation to
Europe. It’s something I talked about but in a vague way
since I’m currently a shy, slightly Autistic and
conventionally attractive female and I don’t have anyone else
whose in a position to travel with me. So I was wondering if
my fellow Redditors have any advice on having a fun vacation
while traveling alone and saving money.

I do have a vague plan. My budget is a little flexible but as
of now is about three thousand dollars. The current job
placement will end sometime in the next month. My ultra cool
Aunt wants to go to England for a vacation and offered to pay
for my ticket if I pay for train tickets to and dinner in
Edinburgh. I would then stay while she went home and make my
way to the mainland. The trip would have to end around May
26th when I have to be in San Francisco for a family event
hosted by my other ultra cool Aunt. Immediate Family and I
would then go home to an East Coast State everyone says is
terrible but that’s just to keep the tourists out.

I’m more of a historian and mythology nerd than an art freak
but I won’t turn down a good museum. Zoos are okay too. I
would be interested in anything but I have a major
fascination with the World Wars and Renaissance. I’m in shape
enough for a hike but am a total homebody and live in what
could be charitably called a Mind-numbing horror of any kind
of insect that is not securely held behind two inches of
sealed glass.

Counties that I definitely need to go to: *England, Scotland,
& Ireland (Mostly just London, Edinburgh, and Dublin but
will kiss the Blarney stone. And yes I know the local kids
pee on it. IDC) *France (Paris, Lorraine, the trench line and
Normandy) *Germany (Berlin, Munich, some of the Castles, and
the Camps) *Italy (Venice, Florence, and/or Rome) *Vatican
City (I know that’s technically part of Rome but my Family is
SUPER Catholic)

Counties that I want to going to but don’t have to: *Greece
*Spain *the Czech Republic *Switzerland

Any Advice Welcome!

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