Planning my honeymoon in August and my head is spinning with
all the options Thailand has to offer. Current plan is as

Day 1: Depart from US Day 2: Land in Bangkok late night Day
3: lunch temple in Bangkok/ fly to Chiang Mai in the evening.
Day 4-5: Chiang Mai sightseeing/temples/elephant sanctuary.
Day 6: fly to Koa Samui Day 7-8: relax at resort on beach.
Day 9: Fly to Bangkok in afternoon with a 10:30pm departure

Questions: 1) Is this too much to cram into one trip? It will
be our first international vacation and want to see it all
but also have time to enjoy it. 2) Is there anything that is
a must do if you can only do Thailand once? 3) Is Samui the
best (and easiest to get to) island to hit for a honeymoon in

Thanks for the help!

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