Hi all,

I would love some comments on my itinerary. My girlfriend and I
will be in Vietnam from May 12 – May 26. We are US citizens,
traveling on a mid-range budget, shoe-stringing on some things
and splurging on others.

We don’t like very overcrowded/touristy things, and typically
avoid them when traveling. Because of that, we’ve decided to
exclude Mekong Delta and Halong Bay. What are your thoughts on
this? Mistake? Is there anything we’ve missed that you suggest
we add? Is it too fast paced? We have decided to take 4 days in
Ha Giang because we are both avid motorcyclists and will enjoy
the loop if it’s nice and slow. We also think this would be a
better way to see life in the minority villages while avoiding
touristy Sapa.

Also, we are hoping that we are avoiding the wet season, even
if just barely. What’s it like in the North/Northeast around
mid-May (especially Ha Giang province)?

Thank you very much! Any help/criticism is appreciated!

Sat May 12 – Arrive in Ho Chi Minh City at

Sun May 13 to Mon May 14 – Spend two full days
in Ho Chi Minh City with family friend

Tue May 15 – Catch early flight to Hanoi,
spend day in Hanoi

Wed May 16 – Explore Hanoi, and take sleeper
bus to Ha Giang

Thu May 17 – Sun May 20 – Motorbike the Ha
Giang Loop (4 full days)

Sun May 20 – Take sleeper bus back to Hanoi

Mon May 21 – After short rest, take flight to
Hue to spend time in resort

Tue May 22 – Wed May 23 – Spend time in

Wed May 23 – Check out, take private car to
Hoi An

Thu May 24 – Fri May 25 – Explore Hoi An and
Da Nang (beaches, markets)

Sat May 26 – Spend day in either Da Nang or
fly back to Ho Chi Minh City. Take late flight (10pm) back to

For May 26, do you think we should dedicate to Da Nang? Or go
back early to HCM and spend day there before flying out?

In summary, this gives us 2-3 days in HCM, 2 days in Hanoi, 4
days in Ha Giang, and 5 days in Hue/Hoi An/Da Nang (but mostly
just beach/resort/relax days)

Also – would you say a cell phone/sim are absolutely necessary?
Or will we do just fine with wifi?

Thanks again!

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