Hi Fellow Traveller,

My wife and I have 5 amazing children. We live in the
Mid-West (Ohio), just bought a new car, and want to put some
miles on it this summer 2018. I will most likely be the one
driving and don’t mind long road-trips. I thought of going to
the Creation Museum because it’s priced well and it is close.
They finally finished building Noah’s Ark and my kids can’t
wait to see it. The idea of flying anywhere with 5 kids is
not really something we would do, but we are open for
suggestions. I have a max budget of $2,000 which includes
everything (gas, food, etc.). I would love to save as much of
the funds as possible. My wife loves nature, however I am
deathly allergic to bees. If you have any ideas on
destinations within my budget, please share because I am all

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