Cinque Terre is on my list, as it is for most I’d imagine.
Though between very high costs, and rampant tourism I’m
falling out of love with it before I’ve even gone. I loved
Paris, I stayed in an apartment for 2 weeks and loved getting
a taste of one area and way of life for a while. I want to
spend at least a month in one area of Europe, not jump around
backpacking from place to place. I love nature, hiking,
wildlife, good food (who doesn’t), friendly people (again),
and not spending a lot of money (who does?). I know it’s hard
and I’m not trying to have you guys plan a trip but maybe
just throw ideas out. I’m thinking maybe South if France
somewhere or Italy/Spain, but they’re ill all probably be
expensive. $80 a day max including accommodation would be
nice, lower the better. I know the more central parts of
Europe all the way to the East will go down in price but I
really don’t have experience and I don’t know which areas are
worth it.

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