Hey r/travel,

I’m planning a trip to Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, and the Sinai
peninsula of Egypt from April through June, and I am having
difficulty deciding the best route with the mixture of visa
fees (US citizen), closed border crossings, and the fact that
I have to visit Lebanon first. I’d like to minimize
backtracking where possible.

What I have so far is a cheap flight from NYC to Beirut via
Larnaca, Cyprus. When I leave, I can fly cheaply to Tel-Aviv
(via Larnaca) or on to Amman. With the Jordan Pass, I get a
single-entry visa covered, so I would like to see Jordan in a
single 2-3 week go, but Israel I can reenter. Also, I intend
to fly out of Sharm el-Sheikh, but maybe Cairo.

Any advice?

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