Not trying to have you guys plan a trip or anything for me,
though I’m going to put as much info as I can think of about
what I’m searching for and maybe someone throws out a
destination that I can research on my own. I am curious if
any of you have been to places that are suitable for
exploring nature as opposed to city life, have good food, and
are suitable for “advanced leisure cycling”, with the
advantage of being somewhat cheap….lol, if this place
exists at all.

I have ample experience bike riding, racing motocross and BMX
my whole life, I am comfortable street riding, trail riding,
mountain biking…having said that I don’t wish to bike
extensively like 30-50 miles per day as the high max, or
maybe having a single base to take cycling day trips from is
possible. I’m not a ‘cycler’ in the traditional sense of long
range bike riding sooo. I am looking at a budget of around
$3,000 after flights and wish to travel for about a month or
longer, happy to be in one location for an extended time, not
looking to jump from location to location quickly. I would
like to be able to try new cuisine, see a way of local life
I’m not used to and explore nature on two non-motorized

I had been planning on Vietnam, flying in to Hanoi, everyone
seems to recommend motorbikes but to me it is not worth it as
an American who would not have insurance coverage or a way to
legally ride. I’m flirting with the idea of renting a bicycle
and cycling around, though between cheap bikes and dangerous
traffic I am not sure. Also I’m not a huge hot weather fan
and hear April/May can be a tough one there.

I’ve been to Amsterdam and the bike culture is awesome and
safe, though I’d much prefer a trip this time with an
emphasis on natural beauty and food. Being from the NYC area
cities kind of have minimal appeal on me.
Paris/Amsterdam/Munich were great but I’d really like to
explore a greener landscape this time as opposed to a
concrete one.

My interest is peaked on South East Asia in general, but it
seems without a motorbike my best way of travel is simply
public transport (trains/buses) and exploring towns/cities on

If this idea seems stupid in general I’d be open to being
told so 🙂

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