With the rapid increase in mobile users unable to read the
submission guidelines we’re taking a break from the
destination guides to help everyone get the most out of
/r/travel by highlighting the
information already in the sidebar
and submit

  1. Read
    the FAQ

  2. Use a descriptive title

    • One or two word titles rarely provide enough
    • Include the destination.
  3. If posting an image or video
    read this section of the FAQ

    • Please note the explanation of a travel photo vs
      something that you happened to see while away from home.
    • No selfie videos or photos.
  4. If submitting a question
    be as specific as possible

    • e.g. where you’re starting, dates of travel, budget,
      interests, places you’ve already been, things you like
      and dislike.
    • If asking about country specific items, at least
      mention the country (e.g. nationality for
  5. Check Google
    before posting.

  6. Present the research
    you’ve already
    done so we don’t feel like we’re doing everything for
    you. If you don’t want to put in any effort consider
    employing a travel agent.

  7. Stay around to answer questions or
    respond to comments. This applies to all question, image,
    and blog posts.

  8. Low-effort posts
    (“Tips for Peru?”, “Where
    should I go?”) will be removed without further notice.

If posting a website, link directly to articles rather than
the home page. If you’re purely here to promote your blog
or company
please visit Reddit advertising
and support the site. Thank you.

There’s nothing new above, but if this can be further
clarified please let us know in the comments below and more
explanation will be added to the Submission
Guidelines wiki page
. Thanks for your help!

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