Best neighborhood with teens?

My family of 5 with 3 girls 21, 17 and 16 will be in Cape Town for 5 nights in mid June. We are independent travelers and will do hop on hop off bus tour and probably get a car as well to go out of the city 2 days. Could you please advise if SeaPoint, Greenspoint or V&A waterfront would be best for us? We are trying to figure out if down on the waterfront or “up on the hill” would be better. We don’t want to spend over 30,000Rand for our 5 nights. I prefer a B&B or small boutique hotel atmosphere. Any recommendations would be appreciated!!

Maps for hiking trails

Hi I was wondering if there are maps handed out at the tourist information maybe with the hiking trails up to Table Mountain, 12 Apostles, Skeleton Gorge etc.

Me and my partner would like to attempt all the above but don’t really want to be with an organised group.

Any info/ web links etc would be much appreciated

Traveling with 12 year old for a week

I’m taking my 12 year old to Egypt 6 full days. I plan to fly into Cairo (1&2) for 2 days and a night, then I’d like to take him to Luxor, Aswan, and/or Abu Simbel. I’ve been told that Abu Simbel is a full day trip. How much time should we spend in Luxor and/or Aswan? Can we enjoy Aswan in a day? Luxor in a day? I’m thinking maybe we can fly from Cairo early on day 3 to Aswan, spend a day in Aswan, on the following day, do a day trip to Abu Simbel (day4). Then fly from Aswan to Luxor early day 5 and spend the day and night in Luxor until day 6? Am I trying to do too much? Should I consider cruising to minimize costs? I know it’s a lot in 6 days but I want us to visit as much as possible, especially because he’s fascinated with ancient Egyptian history.

Koh Samui to Koh Tao Ferry Check in in Maenam

Hello everyone!

I have purchased a ferry ticket with Lomprayah from Maenam in Samui to Koh Tao. I have been trying to email them but no answer. (Not a good sign or a good start ).

I have read somewhere on the web that apparently the check in desk for the ferry from Maenam to Koh tao with Lomprayah ferry is not at the port area but somewhere near.

Do you know how the check in system work? I am travelling with my children so I prefer to know beforehand what I am supposed to do, rather then having to panic on the day. Thank you so much in advance for your help guys ! 🙂